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Rottweiler puppy playing with a ball.
Rottweiler with baby on the couch.

The only dog that Loves YOU more than itself


's are ...

massive, powerful dogs with an imposing, self-assured nature, yet a dedicated, loyal companion with an instinctual protective core.

This loyal family member and guardian with its confident nature and size needs an owner with a great deal of commitment and responsibility.


They require regular socialization, a mentally challenging environment with frequent exercise, a calm, loving and firm owner.  When given these, a Rottweiler is a devoted companion that will love and protect its family.


Before making the decision to bring home a Rottweiler puppy, please take the necessary time to understand the joy and commitment with this extraordinary breed.     Read More

American Kennel Club (AKC) Badge. Orthopedics Foundation for Animals (OFA) Badge.


About Ol Country Rotties

About Ol Country Rotties

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